Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tear it up

I got some good advice yesterday from someone who shall remain nameless (because someone else who shall remain nameless already gave me crap for name-dropping that someone in an earlier blog post.) 

The advice was simple: "Tear it up in Phoenix."

I don't think this person thought twice about telling me to attack Phoenix instead of letting Phoenix passively happent to me (which, whether I knew it or not, was how I have been treating the idea over the last few weeks).  To him, the advice was obvious.  Be cheerful, be positive, be aggressive, and make the most out of your opportunities.

To me, it was kind of a surprising wake up call.

There are much, much worse things than having to move to a new city for a new job.  In fact, most people (myself of six months ago included) would be excited.  But I've been so busy moping about the friends, family, and familiar surroundings that I will miss, I have lost enthusiasm for what should be a great adventure.

So here's to tearing it up in Phoenix.  There will doubtlessly be other, more solemn posts in the near future about the people and places of Salt Lake City I will dearly miss down in the Grand Canyon State, but hopefully always tempered with the realization that Phoenix will be (fingers crossed) equally awesome.


  1. That is good advice. Much better and less vulgar than what I tell myself in situations that involve moving to new-places and beginning new life stages, which is simply grow a pair.


  2. my advice is "fake it until you make it." and yes, i told that to my newly engaged sister when she asked me about sex.

    but it works in other situations too!