Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adventures in Tucson: Day 1

My adventure in Tucson technically started yesterday in Denver. 5:30 pm - flight delayed. 8:08 - flight finally arrives. 9:00 pm - flight takes off.

10:00 pm Pacific time, I arrive in Tucson. Hail a cab, get ride to hotel. Quickly realize the Hotel Arizona's lovely website pictures will not be representative of my stay. Get up to hotel room. Turn on air conditioner. Runs at about 107 decibels, which is about as loud as a snow mobile. Pull down sheets of bed. Too tired to freak out when I see bugs on sheets. Tear sheets off bed, lay towels down, try to go to sleep. Reflect with gratitude on Spring Break Trip 2009: Las Vegas.* Really decreased my standards for hotel rooms.

11:30 pm. Wake up to turn off air conditioner. Too loud, too cold.

12:45 am. Wake up to turn air conditioner back on, can't breathe.

2:00 am. Wake up. Can't remember definition of an express easement.

4:00 am. Wake up. Debate turning air conditioner off. Conclude that I'd rather have sleep.

5:00 am. Primary alarm goes off. Hit the snooze button.

5:20 am. Secondary alarm goes off. Soooooo grateful for secondary alarm. Wake up, brush teeth. Decide showering is over-rated. Start reading over real property notes. So that's an easement ...

6:00 am. Go down to hotel Starbucks for breakfast. Despite 50 thousand signs throughout hotel, Starbucks does not actually open at 6:00 am, but 7:00. Grumble a little. Go back up to room, consider finishing Swedish fish package for breakfast. Read more notes instead.

7:00 am. Go back down to Starbucks. Greatly angered when still not open. Wait around.

7:10 am. Buy Pop Tarts package and Zero Carb Rockstar.

7:15 am. Back in room. Pack up stuff. Mentally agonize over the possibilities of dropping my laptop on the way to the Convention Center.

7:20 am. Walk to Convention Center.

7:23 am. Arrive at Convention Center. Hotel Arizona may be gross, but it sure is convenient.

7:30 am. Meet April. Leave my notes in her car. Can't finish a Rockstar for the first time in my life. Leave that in her car too.

7:50 am. Check in. Girl at registration table can't find my name tag. Briefly consider throwing massive shit fit. Then I see it.

7:55 am. Set up laptop at what April and I think will be the least noisy table.

8:05 am. Two more people join our table. One is from Salt Lake City, but goes to U of A. I think this is a good sign.

8:06 am. Find out U of A guy has already failed the AZ Bar by 4 points. Want to banish him and his bad karma to another table.

8:07 am. Find out the AZ Bar only had a 60% pass rate last February. Feel kinda sick. Such a big difference between 60% and 70%.

8:10 am. Find out Secured Transactions WAS on the last bar exam! Start trying to remember the priority rules for secured creditors ...

8:15 am. See Wes Christensen in an Exam 4 shirt! Feel much better. Wave him over to our table. Tell him we have dibs on his help if anything goes wrong.

8:20 am. Non-laptop users can come register. Occurs that I now have to sit at my seat for 40 more minutes before exam can begin.

8:30 am. See Steve from work. He seems less stressed out than me, which would be a first. Am annoyed by that.

8:45 am. Instructions are read.

9:00 am. Exam begins.

12:00 pm. Submit electronically.

12:10 pm. Wait in line to turn in USB.

12:15 pm. Walk with April to Subway. Memories ...

1:20 pm. Return to Convention Center.

1:25 pm. More waiting ...

1:45 pm. Guy reads the same instructions.

2:00 pm. Open exam.

5:00 pm. Submit electronically.

5:10 pm. Turn in USB.

5:20 pm. Go back to hotel room, grab swimming suit.

5:30 pm. Go to April's hotel. Waaaaaaay nicer than mine. Go swimming.

7:20 pm. Go to In-and-Out. Mmmmmmm ....

10:45 pm. Go to bed.

* Subject for another day.

** Ahem. Did I edit this post out of terror of various bar exam rules I don't quite understand? Sure did ...

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