Monday, August 17, 2015

Works in progress: confession time

Yes, I said "works." I am terrible like that, usually working on more than one thing at once. Typically though, there is a primary project. Lately, I have been completely torn between two. And yes, I know that I can write both ... but it really would be better to work on one to completion and then start the other.

Project 1

Project 2
I have been trying lately to focus on getting myself on a writing schedule. Luckily, my CP Sarah wants to start doing chapter swaps every week and my friend Suze wants to resume having writing parties. Having those kinds of deadlines is definitely going to help me focus.

Impatience has always been one of my worst qualities as a human and a writer in particular. I want to be at the stage in a new project where you're almost done and you're itching to send to CPs, to write up a list of problems that must be revised. Instead I'm at the very beginning, which is always my least favorite place to be. And being at the very beginning on TWO projects instead of one is making me tired whenever I sit down to look at my computer screen.

Luckily, my very cool former Pitch Wars mentor and friend Emily sent me this link, which has really helped me. On some level, I was already doing this when I wrote (finding the scenes I wanted to write most, writing them first, and then linking it all together), but seeing it described so clearly made something click in my brain. As a reformed pantser, I needed to see someone point out that a feeling of dread just means (1) I am psyching myself out of writing before I even begin and/or (2) I haven't found my magic cookie yet.

(Sidenote: This weekend I was sitting down to write my list of "fun scenes" to write, but then Spence wouldn't stop licking his paw, so I stopped to bandage it up with a rubber glove ... and was subsequently distracted for the next few hours by various items on my To Do List. Diego happened to see it and he took a photo that perfectly--and embarrassingly--captured my lack of momentum this summer.)
Diego to Hannah text: "The artist at work."
Yep. Fair enough.

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