Tuesday, December 30, 2014

goals: 2015 edition

So it's that time of year again -- a time for making goals.

Personally, I like to throw a bunch of goals out there and see what sticks. I'm only moderately good at checking back in a year later to see how I did. But this year, I am going to separate my goals into categories, which will hopefully help me stay on track.

Physical goals
Eat less meat
Lose weight (but remain positive about body image etc.)
Run a half marathon
Take up rock climbing again
Bike more

Writing goals
Draft and revise a YA contemporary novel
Draft "suburban fantasy" idea 
(Yes, I made up that category. Can it still be "southern gothic" if it's set in the north?)
Revise NA novel
Investigate all the self-pubby fun
And any other goal that seems like a good idea

Adventure goals
Go camping more
Visit another country 

What goals do you all have?