Thursday, August 15, 2013

Confession time

1. I cry pretty much through all of The Prince of Egypt, especially when the little kids start singing in Hebrew in the middle of "When You Believe." The tears immediately dry up, however, when Moses does his Fist Pump of Triumph, which honestly seems a bit out of place in ancient times.

(Also, does anyone else think it's just a teeny bit awkward that The Prince of Egypt ends with Moses coming off Mount Sinai with the 10 commandments, and everyone who has read The Bible or seen the original Charlton Heston movie knows that he's in for a maaaaaajor disappointment, but the cartoon immediately transitions to a Whitney Houston-Mariah Carey duet? No?)

2. I spend an unhealthy amount a little too much time thinking about how I'm single, and how the prospects non-spinsterhood are dim. (Even my bishop, who is ecclesiastically obligated to be my Ever Hopeful Matchmaker, says so. Exact quote: "Twenty-nine? Well, that's gonna limit your options.")

Which is crazy, because who DOESN'T want a girl who cries during The Prince of Egypt, amiright?


(The jokes, they always tie together in the end.)


  1. 29, please, you still have plenty of time. I feel like in today's society your bishop would recognize that more and more people are waiting to get married. I feel like if you force then it's not gonna happen. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't seen Prince of Egypt since middle school.

    1. My brain knows I have time, but the lack of prospects around gets me down ;)

      Go watch it again! It holds up pretty well.

  2. People eventually do give up on trying to set you up. Or, at least they have with me...

  3. I absolutely love the Prince of Egypt, so I'm with ya. And yes, I get a little emotional at points. The music is so well done that I just can't help it!