Thursday, June 30, 2011


(I promise this isn't becoming a pet blog, but hey, I just got the little fella.  Slack, por favor?)

1. I am 2:3 on getting Spence to poop outside, which basically feels like an accomplishment on par with passing two bar exams.

2. I bought Spence a squeaky toy and he really likes it.  No, I mean he REALLY likes it.  He'll wrestle with it for awhile, but inevitably ends up humping it.  After a minute or so of this, he will look up at me and whine in confusion.  I interpret this as, "Ru, this isn't nearly as fun as I had somehow imagined it would be.  What's going on?"

So sorry, little friend, but you're never going to get to do the real thing.  Snip snip time!

3. I don't love it when people call me Spence's "mom."  I'm not his mom, I'm his Ru.  I'm pretty sure he calls me by name in his brain, so let's not confuse the little guy.

Though all my friends and siblings?  Yeah, they're aunties and uncles.  I don't know how it works, either.


  1. my dog doesn't hump his toys (he prefers human arms), but he does "nurse" on all of the stuffed plush ones. it's weird.

    also, i agree that the mommmy and daddy thing is so obnoxious. i similarly don't like it when other people baby talk my dog.

    good luck with the pooping. i have no words of wisdom.

  2. Props to you on getting the potty training done before moving into the new house!

  3. Oh, I wish I had started before I moved, haha. No, my I got out of my lease, so now we're just living in my crowded room while the hardwood floors are finished in the rest of the house. This makes it double-imperative that Spence figure these things out sooner rather than later :)

  4. This is only, like, your second post. And he's freaking cute. You haven't gone too pet loco yet!

  5. Congrats on the new dog! We just got one and named him Charlie. He is 7 months old and not housebroken! Any tips?