Saturday, February 5, 2011

The F Word

I kind of like the f-word.  I try not to use it a lot myself, but I certainly don't mind when others use it in a clever way.

I don't like when people self-edit in a lame way.  Grey's Anatomy is a chief offender.  Every time a character yells, "Screw it!" all I can think about is the fact that a real doctor in a genuine life-or-death situation would probably just drop the f-bomb or say nothing at all.  As my con law professor once said, "'Screw the draft' just doesn't have the same punch as 'F**k the draft.'"

The fact is, that word has a specific meaning, even if that meaning is hard to express otherwise.  Like describing the taste of salt to a person who has never tried it--there's really no other word but "salty."  When the f-word is appropriate, nothing else will do and you won't know why until you really, really need it.

Like yesterday, when I rubbed my eyes, forgetting that I had just crushed some dried arbol chiles, at which point I let out such a chorus of f-words that I'm surprised a representative from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir didn't promptly knock on my door and offer me a solo on their next CD.


  1. This story made my day. Sorry for laughing at your pain, but that was such a beautiful description.

  2. Then again, in real life, some people are too professional to use the f word. Like how I'd want to use the f word at work, but I don't because it's not professional.

  3. Yeah I am over here trying not to laugh too [failing miserably I might add] because di is right - perfect description. And I am squinching up my eyes because I just know that hurt. ouch.

    I agree with you - as long as people don't say "f you" - it is really hard to offend me with that word if used in the right place.

  4. The last line cracked me up! Unfortunately, I hate the F-bomb.