Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What inappropriate books did you read as a kid?

My number one is definitely Flowers in the Attic.  Not only was the subject matter totally awful, but so was the writing.

And yes, I read the entire series.


  1. I read all the VC Andrews books I could get my hands on!!!! when I was in 5-7th grades...

  2. Ditto - those stayed around when you guys were young? Amazing! I read those in the 70's [eek! I am old :)]

    Also there was a copy of a harlequin type romance that made the rounds in our middle school and it was quite the secret scandal that we all read it. We were so lame.

    As am I now that I can't remember the name - but I think it was called "Forever". Too original.

  3. Most of the stuff by Piers Anthony that I read was way too sexual for the age I was reading it at. I actually haven't read any of his stuff since middle school, but there were a lot of his books in my MS library. Probably would have been more appropriate a few years after I read them.

  4. OMG, Piers Anthony. I read a book in 9th grade where the cover led me to believe it was going to be about unicorns, but it was really about a sexually active suicidal 13 year old who goes on to fall in love with a grown man from outer-space. YIKES. I had totally forgotten who wrote that one, but now I remember - Piers Anthony. (And upon googling, I realize it was called Virtual Mode. Good times.)

  5. I'm pretty sure I read that one. I don't know though because all the plots kind of blend together. I do remember they had A LOT of sexually active kids at ages that I doubt even today's kids are sexually active. And there was a weird one about teeth. Oh and also one about kids that were part of an unintentional racial preservation program. Mix blackface with the Truman Show, kind of. I'm feeling oddly compelled to go track him down and read them to see if they're as bad as I remember.