Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well done, self

Recent conversation:

Boy: I moved here to just kind of get away from it all for awhile.

Me: (thinking this sounds questionable) Oh yeah?  What were you up to [in your former state of residence]?

Boy: Well, I had a restaurant and then I was diagnosed with cancer.  Now I'm in remission and I sold the restaurant, and I'm just looking to do nothing for a little while.

Me: (feeling quite guilty) Oh wow, congratulations.  (Congratulations, Ru?  Really?)  Do you mind me asking what kind of cancer it was?

Boy: Nah, no big deal.  It was testicular, so I lost a nut in the deal.  But you know what they say, you can still fly a plane with one propeller. 

Me: For sure.  (Pause.)  Wait, can you?

Boy: What?

Me: Fly a plane with one propeller?  Like, literally, not figuratively.

Boy: Oh. Yeah, pretty sure.


  1. Thank you for posting this :) It sounds so much like what I would say/think.

  2. I just totally burst out laughing when I read that. LOVE that post. Wow. Awesome.