Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm kind of obsessed with the stats function on blogger.  Not because I'm super vain (I totally am) but because I love seeing what google search terms people are using to find little old Lawyer Girl here.

Usually it's standard stuff - a lot of people search for the Fantastic Mr. Fox quote about being lab partners.  Some people search for why Sex and the City sucks.  Some people search for "and then she was like blah," which I can only assume are my relatives who don't know how bookmarks work.  (Hi Mom!)

Today I logged in and found out that I got two hits from the following google:

mormon houses smell like combination dooce


The real dilemma is now I'm torn between trying to use all those words less, or trying to use them a WHOLE LOT MORE so I can become the number one result hit for "mormon houses smell like combination dooce."  Which will probably be hard, since Dooce itself most likely holds that record.


  1. With my name inevitably everyone coming to my blog is looking for hand guns, and most of those are either from the south or the Middle East. Be they never knew they had so much in common

  2. Colt we only come to your blog looking for baby horses. ::wink:: Kidding.

    I wrote something about Prom one time on my blog and my readers mistook it for the word Porn and everybody put the word in their comments.

    My hits got really entertaining after that.

  3. I love that. Now I'm wondering if my house smells like a typical Mormon house....

  4. I LOOOOOOVE looking at the words people google that lead them to my blog and I've been wanting to post about it for awhile! What I'm trying to say is, I promise I'm not copying you if I do. haha!

  5. Elizabeth - no worries, I believe you :)

    Natalie - oh, I know my house smells like a typical Mormon house. I have a lot of Yankee Candles. Done and done.