Monday, November 15, 2010

Question for the peanut gallery

Does it say more about the state of television programming today, or my own obsessive one-track-brain behavior, that given the opportunity to catch up on precious TV time this weekend, I just re-watched The Walking Dead again?

(Yes ... "re-watched" and "again" were both necessary for accuracy in that sentence.)

Feel free to vote in my imaginary poll:

A. The Walking Dead is the!  What else would you watch?  And even if you could think of something, why stray from the things you love?  Order that same salad at Cafe Rio AGAIN!

B.  It might be time to branch out.


  1. I can't vote as I have never seen it - but if you enjoy it that much as to be [almost] redundant then I say A all the way! :)

  2. I have actually watched Community, 30 Rock and The Walking Dead several times rather than any new programming. i am a firm believer in quality of quantity.

  3. I say both 1 and 2. 2 words: DVR baby! ;)