Friday, November 19, 2010

Do you know why Dr. House is special?

Because he's good at reading people.

And other people are not good at reading people.

Which makes Dr. House even more special.

And people who try to be Dr. House even more lame. 

This is why whenever I see the trailer for Love and Other Drugs (which I feel would be more appropriately titled, "Pretty People With Emotional Problems"), I am reminded that there is nothing more annoying that someone attempting psychoanalysis.

Yup, if you call a girl by the wrong name repeatedly, she will totally put out.  If you are obviously phony, but bring a woman flowers, you will be rewarded with improved financial dealings.  And if you tell a guy that you're psychologically damaged, he will mature and stop being a bad person, and then fall in love with you.

Because everyone is dumber than you, and they will all fall for second-rate psychological tricks.

I hope living by these theories works out for everyone.


  1. Have you seen Unstoppable yet? It was pretty people with legal problems (he violated his restraining order like four times during the course of the movie!!!) on trains. But still oh-so worth the $8.50 to get in.

  2. I totally need to see Unstoppable, if only to find out why they didn't try using a helicopter instead of another train to stop the runaway train.

  3. My question with Unstoppable is "Since when Denzel Washington become obsessed with train movies?"

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