Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear professionalism brownie,

Thank you for being chocolately and delicious, and getting me through a five-hour lecture on being a good lawyer, complete with hypotheticals about soliciting clients (not applicable to me), contingency fees (not applicable to me), communicating effectively with clients (not applicable to me), being cordial with opposing counsel (not applicable to me), taking the high road when confronted with dirty tricks (not applicable to me) and maintaining a respectful decorum toward the court (also, not applicable to me).

Sure am glad we were separated into specialized "breakout groups" and I got to attend the course with other first-year associates in medium-to-large-sized law firms and talk about how to deal with dissociating partners (shockingly, not applicable to me).

Because at least that room had the brownies.


  1. LOL! Sorry you had to attend something that virtually had nothing applicable to you. At least you were able to see the humor in it. Hopefully you weren't full of brownies by the end!

    PS I really like the term "Lawyerin" as the label, that alone made me laugh

  2. Haha, no, thankfully just the one brownie. And the one Dr. Pepper. And the one bottle of water. And eventually an overwhelming urge to pee. :)