Saturday, October 23, 2010

Raise the roof

Basically, I kick ass.

Yeah, that's a crane in that picture.  Putting a roof on a house.

While my personal contribution was to merely install the hurricane clips (because hurricanes are so common in "Austin") and caulk (I love saying "caulk," for all the immature reasons you might imagine) the baseboards, I feel like I earned my Amish Merit Badge today.

Oh yeah, I also helped build a wall.  It was totally a load-bearing wall.*

*(No it wasn't, I'm just trying to talk big.)


  1. Great job! And I agree you do, in fact, kick ass. Caulk IS a necessity (I just wanted to mention "caulk" in my comment, clearly we are on the same page about saying "caulk"). ;)

  2. You know I have never thought about the word caulk that way - and I am the oldest 16 year old girl you know, believe me- but I now know I will never be able to say it again without giggling. Thank you - I think there is some work to be done in our bathroom. With caulk.

    PS - you rock! Was this Habitat for Humanity or were you barn raising something, somewhere. For the Amish?

  3. Haha, no, it was Habitat for Humanity. Though I think the basic skills would transfer to barn raising.

    I love that there are other people out there who also see the value in saying caulk. Isn't the internet great?