Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hold the phone

Um, how did I just barely realize that Courtney McCallister from Jack and Bobby (now instantly streaming on Netflix, wahoo) is Megan The Secretary on Mad Men?

I'll be honest, I like her a little more.  Not as much as Dr. Faye, or even Allison.  But totally more than that dippy Midge.


  1. Yeah and Jack was the skeezy artist who Peggy fired, and that to John Slattery and you have a quasi reunion.

  2. Colt, can I just say, I'm glad we're e-friends now? (Yes, all it takes is to comment on my blog a few times.) Anyone who watched Jack and Bobby is A-OK by me.

  3. I totally agree I have built friendships on way less than a shared love of a canceled drama and Don Draper.