Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Aspiring to Banana Republic

You know those people who can find a "darling"* sweater or dress or pillow for $6 somewhere?

I am not one of those people.

I walk into a store, any store, and suddenly the shelves and racks are exploding with merchandise I can't begin to fathom sorting.  I don't want to bother finding something that fits, much less something that's cute, much less something that's cute and inexpensive.  I may love H&M, etc. but it does not love me.

And you know those people who feel okay buying a hoodie -- a HOODIE -- for $79.99 because it came from J.Crew or something?

I am not one of those people, either.  If something costs more than $50, it better (a) be wearable to work AND church or (b) be wearable every single day (ie, jeans ... or possibly the Holy Grail of bras, but I haven't found one yet).

In law school, my friend Julie and I used to talk about how we wished we could be the kind of people who would feel comfortable buying something at Banana Republic without feeling guilty ... but that's where we'd always stop.  I want to reach the level of financial stability where I can buy a nice dress or pair of work pants, or even a glittery headband (we all have to go nuts now and again), but still have the good sense to run screaming from the idea of buying a $40 candle (Anthropologie) or $400 dress (Barneys, Saks).

The really sad thing is, now that I'm semi-Banana-Republic-secure, I'm trying to be fiscally conservative and junk. 

You really can't win. 

* I'm trying to get over my hatred of the word "darling."  I now officially hate it less than people who find $6 dresses.


  1. I don't hate the word "darling" I just hate 99.9% of the people that use it.

    Not you, obviously.

    See that, see how I typed out the word obviously? It wasn't that hard.

    (I'm trying to get over my hatred of people who type/say "obvs")

  2. Sometimes I use "obvs" or "obvi," but I like to think that when I do it, I'm being hipster-ironic.

    Which in a way is double-ironic, since I also hate hipsters. :)