Saturday, October 2, 2010


Someday -- hopefully tomorrow, actually -- I will manage to stay awake through an entire session of General Conference.

But jeez, their voices are just so soothing ... and I'm thinking, "I can close my eyes and still listen."  Then BOOM!  Closing song.

Off to the grocery store to buy a sixer of Red Bull.


  1. I am almost afraid to ask what General Conference is because if it is what I think it is then nope, that doesn't look good. Not good at all.
    [Sorry, that probably didn't help. Let's just say I understand. :D]

  2. Haha, no worries - General Conference is a twice-yearly event where the Mormon church televises sermons on Saturday and Sunday. Instead of going to church that weekend, you can watch it on TV at home ...

    ... but the speakers have such melodious voices ...

    ... and my couch is so squishy ...

    ... yeah, it's a problem. ;)

  3. Oh that would be impossible. Just impossible. [But what a great idea. Church from home. :)]

    I have been known to fall asleep in church and whack my head on the brick pillar [makes a pretty loud sound too]. My parents stopped seating us in that pew. hee

  4. I didn't know redbulls came in sixers. . .I swear they are packaged in 4 packs. Unless you can swallow the price of the costco pack. GULP.