Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You're a mean one, Mr. Shue

I always find Glee funny, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to continue watching it.

Rachel is annoying.  Finn is idiotic.  Like, straight up, might be in a borderline IQ range.  And their teacher is morally reprehensible.

Really, Mr. Shuester?  You realized it was mean to be mean ... only after people were mean to you?  Don't people usually develop an independent moral sense around, I don't know, age six?

I love most of the minor characters in Glee -- this show really should be about Emma, the principal, Santana, Brittany, Quinn, Puck and Sue.

I would have once added Kurt and Artie to this list, but the two of them lack so much self-awareness that I cringe whenever they're on screen.  If a straight boy had pulled Kurt's "Let's be roommates, future step-sibling, and hopefully hook up in the process!" shenanigans on a straight girl, we would all be appalled and recognized it as harassment.  Had a straight girl done it to a straight boy, we would have called her a psycho and suggested her parents send her to a therapist before she develops into a full-blown nympho.  And yet when a gay kid does it to his straight male friend, we're supposed to be sympathetic?  I'm sorry, but until that episode Kurt struck me as far too kind and wise to not realize how upset Finn would be at this development.

And while Artie wanting to dance is tragically sweet, wanting to be on the football team is eye-rollingly unrealistic.  I wanted to shake him.  And, like nympho girl in my hypothetical above, send him straight to a therapist.  PS?  Tina didn't dump you because Mike Chang is a jock.  She dumped you because you ignored her all summer.  OK, and also because Mike Chang is a jock.  (Did you guys see those abs?)

It's a sad day when the commercials featuring Sue Sylvester are funnier than the television show featuring Sue Sylvester.

And though it is a tangent, I must express my annoyance at a bunch of kids in Ohio singing "Empire State of Mind."  As my friend Pedro once said, how lame is it that kids all over the country hear a song about New York and think, "This is my song, bitches"?


  1. I enjoy this show when it's just being fun. It does messages with all the subtlety and skill of an after-school special - but an after-school special where you really want to slap the characters upside the head.


    (I do, in fact, so agree with you that it merited the all caps.

  3. Sacrilege!! LOL! Okay yeah Kurt can be a little over the top, but I THINK the writers are attempting to get across how confused he is. He tried to be straight last year just so his dad would hang with HIM!

    And Artie wants to be on the team to be seen as cool and to GET a 6-pack like the one Mike HAS, which was what Tina mentioned when she broke up with him. Are his dreams to be on the team ridiculous? YES, but it is GLEE people! That's the whole fun! They did the Single Ladies dance on the field last year!

    I am a true Gleek and am so excited to have it back!