Friday, September 10, 2010

The U

Let's get something clear right now: the University of Utah is the U.

Now, I don't expect people outside of Utah to automatically know what I mean when I say I attended the U.  Lots of places have abbreviations that outsiders don't get.  For example, it took me forever to realize that "Texas" is the University of Texas at Austin, not Texas Tech or Texas A&M.  So in general, I specify "The University of Utah" and try to avoid referring to my alma mater (times 2) solely as "the U."  I already attended a badass university and law school -- I have to attempt humility somewhere.

But it is infuriating to run into people who attended the University of Miami, who all insist that THEY, not I, attended "The U."  And yeah.  That happens.

So I just want to say to all you out there in BlogLand: Suck it, Hurricanes, and get over your deluded selves.  The University of Utah.   Chello?  You think you get a letter just because there's "University" in your name?

University of Santa Barbara.

University of Southern California.

University of Florida.

University of Arizona.

University of Michigan.

University of Maine.

University of Phoenix.




Either we refer to them ALL as "The U," or we all agree, once and for all, that the alliterative university gets the letter.

Until this egregious behavior is rectified, I am officially adding the University of Miami to my list of Teams I Hate on Principle, which currently only includes BYU* and Ohio State**.

* As for BYU, I do not care if they win or lose their games and would generally prefer they beat BCS teams, but I will always want the U to defeat them, and generally in the most humiliating fashion possible.

** Also, I mostly just "hate" Ohio State because I think they are the most over-ranked football program in the history of the world.  No real reason other than that.


  1. My husband completely agrees with you. He hates that Miami uses the "U" as their term. Not. And he laughed at your "Why I hate Ohio State". heehee I have to say you are spot on with that and I am originally from Ohio.

    I hate teams on principle too - for example I hate the Indianapolis Colts because their owner moved them out of Baltimore [in the middle of the night no less] and took them to Indianapolis AND didn't change the uniforms. Even though this happened years ago I am still bitter. Additionally the New England Patriots can just fall off the face of the earth to me because? [This is so arbitrary I am almost embarrassed to write it] I dated a guy in college that was such a jerk about how great that damn team was. I laughed the night they got handed their helmets in the Super Bowl - it was the worst defeat in the history of the Bowl. heehee Yeah, I was a good girlfriend.

  2. What? That's goofy. If everyone did what Miami did, we'd all be going to "the U."
    Alliteration always wins, anyway.

  3. Does that make Utah State "The A"?