Saturday, September 11, 2010

Martha Stewart I am not

I love having fresh flowers.  I know it's a waste of money, and I know they won't last, but seriously - nothing peps up a room like real flowers.  (And seriously - what kills a room more than dusty silk flowers?  Blech.)

Today my grocery store was having a sale on bouquets, so I grabbed a couple, justifying the cost with, "Hey, I'm throwing a dinner party - I need flowers, damnit."  (Anti-logic: Rationalizing additional purchases since 1984.)

And then I got home, and realized my only vase is teeny-tiny, so my awesome flowers had to be wedged between the fridge and my cupboards.

Oh well.  Now my kitchen is extra cute from just one angle, which is still better than no angles.  (Sweet, sweet anti-logic.)  


  1. Before my mom sent me home with a real vase earlier this summer, I had to put a bouquet in a mason jar because the other one I had (that had been abandoned here by who knows who) was too small. Very nice.

  2. You crack me up. Anti-logic! The flowers are pretty tho'. Do you need me to send you a vase? :D Hope the dinner party goes well.