Sunday, September 19, 2010

Child abuse is so heart-warming

Spending my Sunday curled up in my Ute snuggie with a stomachache, watching endless amounts of TV.

Every time the promo for White Oleander comes on, I can't help but think, "Has no one at ABC Family seen or read White Oleander?"

Don't want to be the Spoiler Girl, but seriously -- murder, abandonment, statutory rape, aggravated assault, suicide, teen pregnancy, drug use and conspiracy to commit perjury just doesn't seem to be adequately described by a chipper announcer proclaiming, "One mistake will change a family forever."

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  1. but they are a "new kind of family," by which ABC Family pretty much means they can put any kind of bizarre crap on TV they want, associate it with the word "family," and say they're edgy because it's insane. Apparently this extends to movies they air as well as to their original programming.