Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Update number three

Look, I know this makes me a bad person, I just don't care.

I really, really hate it when dumb people like the same things I like. 

It's like the phenomenon where hipsters only like a band until it goes mainstream and gets "too popular," only even more petty.  And believe me, I don't like admitting that a hipster could be superior to me in any way. 

Take It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  I think it's hilarious.  When I find out someone else I like watches it, we share a well-deserved (albeit smug) little moment of, "Yeah, we're awesome people, it's good to be us." 

This principle applies to many TV shows, even more movies, and about a gazillion books.  It's like a gateway to Insta-Friendship.  We may not actually have a lot in common, but we both know who Rickety Cricket is. 

But then sometimes it backfires, like when a person I otherwise know to be dumb and/or lame starts quoting Arrested Development.  I have a little moment of nausea (ps - I have to look up the spelling of "nausea" literally every time I write it) and want to scream, "You are not nearly awesome enough to even KNOW about that show!"

Yeah, like I said.  More petty than a hipster.  Not proud of it. 

The strange thing is, unlike the hipster phenomenon, I want awesome people to know about awesome things, which is why I blab so much about Modern Family and Cougartown and Mad Men (and see above where I threw out It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, which is totally not appropriate for children or the non-potty-minded, don't-say-I-didn't-warn-you?)  I just don't want lame people to know about the awesome things.

Because I can't help but suspect that the lame people don't truly get it.  That they are laughing at the wrong things, or misintrepreting the symbolism, or whatever.  Or even if they do get it, but then they go too far, like some douche saying "Friday Night Lights is the best television show EVER MADE," and I just start squirming because (a) I love Friday Night Lights, (b) I'm not sure why this douche agrees with me and (c) I am now in the uncomfortable position of wanting to explain that while I love Friday Night Lights with all my heart, and would heartily recommend it to anyone, it is not the best television show EVER MADE, season 2 murder plot anyone?  And honestly, who goes around saying, "The best EVER" about anything, other than sobbing thirteen-year-olds clutching a well-worn copy of Twilight?  (I forgive you because you are so young.)

I imagine this is some small approximation of how someone who saw the original Star Wars as a kid felt, sitting in Episode One a few decades later, staring numbly up at Jar-Jar Binks, surrounded by screaming teenagers having joygasms over the special effects.  That moment must have basically been the Platonic ideal of "WTF."


In the future, I will attempt to get over myself.  In the meantime, please continue to suggest to me the awesome things that I don't yet know about, and I will try to do the same for you.


  1. SHEESH. I didn't know that the fact that I like that stuff was upsetting you so much.

    Kidding, kidding.

    P.S. Sidenote about Season 2: Was Landry as a murderer more or less awesome than the Jason Street trip to Mexico? Bc both were cringe-tastic.

    P.P.S. COUGARTOWN? Are you joking?

  2. 1. Oh the Jason Street trip to Mexico ... ugh. Sometimes I like to pretend some of those things in Season 2 didn't happen. Jason Street, when Tim Riggins is the voice of reason, you need to get your bottom back to Texas.

    2. OK, not joking about Cougartown. Almost wish I was. A friend of mine told me he loved it, I had the same reaction as you, and then I gave it three episodes ... done. It is really funny, and it got funnier as the season went on. The guy who wrote/directed "Scrubs" is in charge of it, so if you liked that, you'll probably like Cougartown. Its got the same bizarre-funny humor. (Like Courtney Cox has a creepy co-dependent relationship with her teenage son, and tells him she loves him so much that she wishes she could shrink herself down and live in his blood.) Bonus point? A few months ago ABC acknowledged how crappy the name was by proposing that fans could write in with suggestions for a new name for the next season, hahaha. (Especially considering that Courtney Cox's character stops being a "cougar" after like five episodes, it really doesn't even make a ton of sense. There is one genuine cougar in their town who drops by every other episode to say something outrageously disgusting and hilarious, but she's like the only tie to the title.) Basically the idea is that Courtney Cox got married when she was 18, then had a kid who is now 18, and has finally divorced her husband who constantly cheated on her (but with whom she still has an ok relationship), so she's engaging in moderate bouts of immaturity (like drinking too much wine and getting a lot of Botox), not so much hunting for young men.

    Also, I kind of like championing it because almost everyone looks at me with disgust when I tell them how good it is. I get a perverse kick out of stuff like that. Meh.

    Anyway, if you give it a shot, skip the first few episodes. It was very hit-or-miss at that point.

  3. BAAAH!

    I just typed an enormous response and blogger lost it.

    Basically it said I try to forget about Street going to Mexico, and yes, Cougartown. Surprisingly hilarious and got funnier as the season went on. (Initially, I had the same reaction as you. A friend from law school convinced me it was worth a shot.)

    Guh. That first response was so much better.

  4. I followed MCB's link here and got stuck and read your archives for the last year. love it.

  5. Aww, thanks Becca. Welcome to the party.