Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nor will I learn to caulk a wagon wheel

I will never learn to can.

You hear me?



  1. Why the ban on canning? I just canned my first batch of jam on Thursday. Though I wasn't quite rocking the "vacuuming in pearls" look like the lady in the picture. I was more likely in Toms and my Judge Judy t-shirt.

  2. You know, I actually thought about putting an exception for jam, haha. Oh, how I love homemade jam.

    My problem is that it has been recently decided on a stake level that my singles ward (unmarried, childless, 20 somethings who largely live in apartments) needs a canning specialist.

    One - that's totally unrealistic. I am not going to buy canning equipment for my apartment, much less start canning food that I would just need to haul with me the next time I move.

    Two - the idea of canning is great for people who have their own gardens, but at a certain point the economic value of canning declines. If you're dealing with people who would have to go buy green beans in bulk at Costco, learn how to can them, buy all the equipment necessary for canning, you've suddenly entered a zone where it would have been far more fiscally responsible to just buy some canned green beans. My parents know how to can because my dad has an orchard and he doesn't want his produce to go to waste. For them, canning is a responsible choice. (PS - Large-scale canning sucks. Having watched my parents do it every summer/fall growing up, I became convinced at an early age it was not for me.) But I don't have a garden and most likely won't for the foreseeable future. So for me, it would be an exercise in self-flaggelation.

    But seriously, props on the jam. I'm actually thinking of heading out to the old Costco this weekend to experiment with some frozen jam recipes.