Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm not a prude, but ...

... is there a point to all the discussion of Lisbeth Salander's new fake ta-tas in The Girl Who Played With Fire?

Or the extensive explanation of Erica Berger's open marriage?

Or the inclusion of the least-sexy come on in history: "I think you should start polishing something else?"  I believe there was also some sheet re-arranging involved with that one.

Or the least-sexy intro-to-sex scene in history: "They looked at each other.  Then Mimmi bent and gave Salander a deep kiss.  Salander responded and threw her arms around Mimmi.  The coffee was left to get cold."

Is there a sarcastic version of "rawr" out there?

In general, I'm not a huge fan of the book sex scene, and not because I'm all high minded (we certainly know that's not true).  It's because it's awkward.  If you're not going to be arty and obtuse, at least just be funny.  ("And then they banged." - Copyright, this blog.)

Look, Mr. Stieg Larsson, I know you're up in heaven now, but if by any chance you're reading this post from your cloud, you better get on with the MYSTERY part of this SUSPENSE novel, because you're in serious danger of boring me to death with sex scenes.


  1. I'm watching the movie of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo right now. Your critique is making me sad. But I also think he does dwell on the most boring things ever sometimes. Just WAIT until the third book. You're like, WHY THE BEEP ARE YOU STILL WRITING ABOUT THIS?!?

  2. I am excited to see the movie when I'm done with the three books - I'd imagine they'd be more exciting, which is weird to say, since I usually like books better.

  3. I keep meaning to read the books, but I just picked up the first movie the other day and loved it. So disturbing, but one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.