Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I guess a more experienced shopper could have gotten more for your seven cents*

I take most of my financial advice from Oliver Stone movies. Greed is good. Leverage is bad. Follow the money. (I think that one was Oliver Stone …) When they gave me the 401(k) forms to fill out at work, I first shuddered as I remembered what happened to my mutual fund post-2008 shitstorm, and then got sleepy as I realized how much effort it would be to research which 401(k) option I wanted. I mean, jeez, there are TWO!

I figured that as a semi frugal person by nature, I could meet my goal of saving X in 2010 just by grit and determination--a 21st century Bette Davis, or at the very least, Punky Brewster. Just put everything in savings, and watch as that sweet, sweet 0.75% interest kicked in. Monthly. And compounding. 

Alas, it is mid-August, and I am less than halfway from my goal. I have no idea where all that money went (aside from buying furniture and paying off student loans … oh, and "utilities" are expensive here in "Texas.")  (And when I say "utilities" here, I mean shoes and utilities.)

So I'm instituting a new thing. No Money Month. It's really simple. For the next thirty days, I'm not buying anything except for groceries.**  That way, thirty days from now, my ass will be smaller and my bank account larger. 
Wish me luck ... or laugh uproariously when I fail.  Up to you. 
* Not an Oliver Stone quote, but still awesome. 

** And that one trip to Cafe Rio I've been thinking about for awhile now.  But just the one!

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