Monday, August 2, 2010

Frilly red underpants!

Um, so remember that post (from, like, one post below this one?) about how sometimes, I only have one memory of someone?

Here's another.

One time my friend Rick was at the Blue Boutique (here's a link for those who are unfamiliar) picking out some stuff for a bachelor/bachelorette party.  He saw someone from our law school come into the store, and immediately ran to the dressing rooms to hide.  (Not out of shame, but out of a lack of desire to interact.)*

Then he proceeded to watch as this fellow attempted to return the frilly red underpants his wife had bought him because they were too small. 

The girl at the counter refused to take them back.

He pointed out that the tags were still on.

She continued to refuse.

He said he hadn't worn them.

She said that wasn't the point.

He threatened to report her to the Better Business Bureau.

She said it was store policy to not return underwear of any kind.

He asked if she thought he was a liar.

She said it didn't matter, and what part of YOU CAN'T RETURN UNDERPANTS did he not understand? 

He looked annoyed.

She offered store credit.

To this day, I wonder what he decided to buy with it. 

And then I shudder.

* Um, YEAH he told everyone at school about it immediately afterward.  Just like I tried, and failed, to keep my story about the urinator to myself.  They lecture you so much about keeping confidences at law school that you just can't help but blurt out everything that isn't privileged.

(Or that's my theory, anyway.  Really, Rick and I are just big gossips.)

PS: I tried to find a google image to spice up this post ... alas, they were all TOO spicy.  (Shocking, right?)


  1. You see, you go and post something like this and now I'm starting to go down the list of classmates in my head sorting them into two groups... "would they wear frilly red underwear" or "would they die first"....

  2. Cue creepy Brittany Murphy voice: "I'll never teeeeeeeell!!"

    Whatever, I'll totally tell. Check your email later.

    Oh, and sad about Brittany Murphy, right?