Sunday, August 29, 2010

Church rules

Look, I know I'm not the best Mormon ever.  But the key point is, I think, that I'm also not the worst.

But I'm curious about something.  I mentioned the other day to a friend that I have certain rules when it comes to church attendance.  I can stay home if it has the word "conference" in it.  I can stay home if I'm on vacation -- and since my new home is Austin, "vacation" includes time spent back in Salt Lake City or Kaysville.  And I can stay home roughly once every other month or so, just for a personal break.

The first two habits were instilled to me by my parents, though I am sure they will deny this.  The third was suggested by my first RA in college, who said that she made it a habit to skip one class a week on principle.  Since she was a physics major on scholarship, I trusted her advice and it worked out fairly well.  I have merely extended this principle to all other areas of my life.

In general, this means that my church attendance hovers around a comfy 82%: a B-minus, if you will.

However, my friend was SHOCKED and APPALLED at this admission.  Really, you would have thought I said that I don't like frilly aprons that cost more than dresses.

Anyone else out there in BlogLand have a special church rule they use to maintain sanity?


  1. I was 13 years old before I realized that people were expected to ATTEND Church on Stake Conference -- REALLY!? It wasn't just a leadership meeting? I thought that was when people went boating or snow skiing, depending on the season! :-) My parents'll deny it too.
    No particular rules for me now -- but I don't beat myself up for missing, even if it's just for a 'day off' with no actual excuse. I do try and attend most Stake Conferences now, but with small kids, I'm starting to give up on 'em. Which is maybe how it got started in my childhood home! :-)

  2. my parents made me go every single week, every meeting, all stake/ward conferences, and i had to actively listen to/watch general conference. You had to have a severely contagious disease to miss. So, since the first 18 years of my life featured 99.9999% attendance, I feel like now, even if I only go to about 2 meetings a month (it would be less if i didn't have to teach) I am still way ahead in the grand scheme of things.

  3. Conference days are totally not going to church days. Then again, I mostly have those days EVERY week.

  4. I'm like Becca, except for vacations. But we went to all conferences and all meetings unless you were sick or out of town. Even in college, I went to every meeting until I decided the LDS church wasn't true.

    So I basically went from 100 percent activity to .01 percent activity in one month.

  5. I love conferences. Stake conference and general conference are honestly my favorites. I realize that makes me a church nerd, but I'll give you my thoughts and rationale on that through e-mail if you really want them. Anyway, I stay sane through "normal church" by regularly skipping the middle hour to go home and eat a snack. I blame it on my hypoglycemia, but the fact is I dislike most Sunday School teachers and am way too lazy to get up on time before church and eat enough protein to get me through the three-hour block. And I'm still pretty bitter the whole music time thing ended with Primary. The occasional hour break between Sacrament meeting and Relief Society is probably the reason I'm still active.

  6. When I was a kid, we never went to conferences. Then when I became a YSA, I judged my parents, and swore I'd bring my kids to conference, it's so ENLIGHTENING!

    Then I had kids. Church isn't so enlightening when you're trying to keep a toddler and a crawler contained. Just doesn't happen.

    Yeah, if my kids have a hint of a sniffle, we stay home, if only because I don't think it's more important to go to church and share germs than to stay home as a family and enjoy our day (read: SLEEP!!!!).

  7. Oh please these friends sound like goody two shoes! Conference days are SO a day off from church! And vacation too, like you are going to go to a strange ward and bring church attire while on vacay?! Please. Molly Mormons.

  8. I've only been to one stake conference in my life because my dad was speaking. Forget ward or regional conferences- I've never in my 25 years of church membership attended one. General conference is an excuse to sit at home and work on projects with it playing in the background. Shoot, my family never practiaced fasting unless a family member needed it. Needless to say, when my husband found out he was pretty much appalled ("wait, you mean we don't get to sleep in during stake conference?"). I'm not to worried about it though, because no one is going to shame me into doing anything. Especially when it comes to attending more church. :)