Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm so hilarious and original

Guess what guys?

I stole overheard misappropriated also began to use came up with a bunch of slang that no one else inspired, and will now proceed to use this blog to claim intellectual ownership over said slang.

Totes = totally

Natch = naturally

Srlsy = seriously

Frills = for reals

Kthxbye = Kthxbye

Also, adding "sauce" or "spice" to the ends of words.  You may think every returned missionary on the planet thought of that one first, but nope, 'twas me.

And another one - pwned.  I don't really know what that one means yet, but DIBSIES! 

* If you feel the urge to kick me in the teeth right now, don't worry, I'm right there with you.


  1. I had to email you about this one!

  2. You forgot "fetch" [bad "Mean Girls" reference - but I figured since you were claiming all the others you might as well add that one. :D


  3. Haha oh no!
    My boyfriend says pwned a bunch, I find it pretty funny. I wonder if anyone he says it around knows what he's on about besides me.