Friday, July 23, 2010

Ever-evolving legal system

I hereby propose that the rules of evidence be amended as follows:

1. New exception to the character evidence propensity ban

Evidence of texting while driving on prior occasions may be admitted to show presence of drive-texting on occasion in question.

2. New hearsay exception

If you blog about texting while driving, such evidence shall be admitted both for purposes of impeachment and substantively to prove that you are a douche.


  1. What if you blog about blogging about texting while driving? Does THAT make YOU a douche? Just wondering.

  2. If you can blog about blogging about texting while driving, you are quite the impressive specimen, and anyone you allegedly negligently vehicularly homicide probably will not contribute as much to the gene pool as you will.

    But yes, still a douche.

  3. Wait, what does "while" modify? Because if you blog about blogging about texting while driving, like I just did above, yes, also a douche. So many options to be a douche ... but for realsies, I was in a sorority and own several pairs of over-sized sunglasses and even a trucker hats. I wasn't ever kidding anyone.