Saturday, July 3, 2010

Conspicuous consumption

In case you ever wonder why people in impoverished countries both admire/resent Americans, look no further than your good internet friend Ru from Austin.

I now own TWO laptops.


Because my Macbook Pro, which I love more than I could love a human child (what?  Is that offensive?) has an outdated operating system.  I am planning to take the Utah bar in T-24 days.  In its infinite wisdom (and I say that with all due respect, Character and Fitness People), the Utah Bar chose to mandate Exam Soft for all bar-taking purposes, instead of the faaaaaaaaar superior Exam 4.  (Repeat: far superior.)  So I set out to update my Macbook (sweet, sweet Macbook) and then, wait a second, I also need Bootcamp?  And Windows 7?

Grumble grumble grumble.

So instead of buying a lot of stuff that I don't want for the computer I adore, I waddled (yes, waddled, all I've eaten during my study sessions have been chips, salsa and jelly beans) off to my local Best Buy and bought a brand new Toshiba PC,* preloaded with Windows 7.  IT WAS ACTUALLY THE CHEAPER OPTION.

But hey, at least I will have the fun adventure of posting a lightly used laptop on Craigslist next month. 

*Please don't be jealous, Macbook Pro.  Toshiba means nothing to me.  Nothing!**

** Please don't take that the wrong way, Toshiba, you're great too.  And I really need you to perform for me on July 27.  It's just that you and I are not meant to be.  I'm sure you will find the love you're looking for ... on Craigslist.

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