Friday, May 14, 2010


I love me some good season finales.


  1. I'm assuming you are referring to Supernatural. I think that episode should have been the series finale, but rumor has it they are going for 1 more season.... I thought the ending was perfect (except for the whole evil Sam standing under the light at the end which was the obvious set up for next season).

  2. You think it was evil Sam? I actually thought good Sam, wanting Dean to think he's dead so Dean will go on and have a normal life. Hmmm. You give me much to think about, Alex-san.

    But I agree, it felt more like a series finale.

  3. And I would have been content with a series finale. Dean finally gets to rest after being forced to be a "grown up" from the time he was 5. Everything Sam had ever loved (other than Dean) had been taken from him, so death would have been a good end for him, plus it would have been redemptive for all the death he'd caused. And it turns out their dweeby friend was God all along. Good ending to me.

  4. Me too. Luckily, the main show I follow- Bones- looks like it's going to have a less stressful season finale than last year. Gosh I almost tossed my TV out the window at that one.