Monday, May 10, 2010

Dieting complaint No. 54

Why does Yoplait insist on producing flavors of yogurt that shouldn't exist?

Yoplait, I love you.  I love your various fruit flavors, particularly raspberry and lemon cream pie. 

But yogurt and Boston cream pie do not mix.  Neither does yogurt and red velvet cake, yogurt and ducle de leche, yogurt and anything that was never originally meant to be sour-flavored.

Every time you trick me into buying one of your new flavors.

Every time I regret it.

And now I'm really hungry.


  1. i like the pure flavors - just fruits - the fancy ones have always scared me - key lime pie? um no. i eat them for their low sodium tho' not a diet tool. so i do understand wanting something different and not just fruit when you are on a diet.

    have you tried the whipped yogurts? they are amazing and i think yoplait makes them too - if you see them on sale pick up a couple - they are so good.

  2. ooooh. i do hate that red velvet cake crap.
    but the key lime pie is one of my favorites.