Sunday, March 28, 2010

My sister is blind, I have to read her the subtitles

Fun fact about me: When I have 1 pm church, I like starting Sunday mornings with a movie.  Generally not a religious movie, though I did get Passion of the Christ on Blue-Ray yesterday.  (I'm kind of terrified to see what that looks like on 37 inches of hi-def this evening.  Woot Palm Sunday!)    

This morning I'm watching Iron Jawed Angels, and as usual, it made me cry.

(Seriously, with all the crying I do over movies and TV, you'd think I was a far more emotional person.  Thankfully, I rarely cry in front of another person.)  

After it's over, I'm going to make the scones from the mix I bought yesterday when I went to buy picture frames ... and came home with picture frames, a door mat, a cake tin, a poster, and scone mix.  Yes, I overspent yesterday.  But ... scones ...

(Sorry for this super random post ... I have a more amusing one in my noggin, but it's going to take a little longer to write.)

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