Thursday, January 21, 2010

You're a big jerk if you don't take a meaningless stand!!

I love facebook, but I'm a little irritated by how much it demands of me.  Join this, add this, support this.  Tell the world what color your underwear is.

The worst is all these "If you ___, then repost this message as your status."

It doesn't mean anything.  It doesn't change anything.  It just makes me feel arbitrarily bad because I don't want to turn my facebook into a political platform.  It's just a thing I use to goof off every once in awhile, don't make me change it.

So I have to say, thank you Kate.*  Logging in to facebook after a long, facebook-free day at work to see this status update made my day:

       All these "repost if you care" status updates are kind of stressing me out. Of course I care about the troops, curing any and all diseases, I'm a good Christian, a big fan of Jesus, and I love my family. Do I really need to devote my status to prove it? Stop guilt tripping me. :)

* Not her real name.

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