Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Going out with a bang (or a whimper)

Me, yesterday at work, trying to put a movie on hold at Blockbuster:

Dialing.  I am thinking, Please answer fast, please answer fast. 

Dang it, someone's walking toward my desk.  Answer slow, answer slow!

"Blockbuster, how may I help you?"

Crap. Time to haul A for the snack machines area ...

"Yes, I would" -- CRAP, there's someone here!  Turn around turn around, walk back toward desk -- "like to know if you all can put movies on hold?"

"Of course, which movie would you like?"

Oh balls -- standing an equal distance from my boss's open door and the guy who's getting a candy bar in the snack area ... "Um ..."

Two second analysis process (thank you, law school):

1. There appears to be no way out of this situation, short of running into the ladies' while still on the phone ...

2. Not going to do that.

3. How much do I want to rent this movie?

4. Very much.

5. Oh balls.

I glance down both ends of the hall, and whisper, "The Hangover."

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