Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Damn it feels good to be a gangster

Why my family rocks your family's socks off:

1. When I'm sick, my dad will bring me a 32 ounce of Diet Coke from the gas station at 10 in the morning.

2. When we're at Smith's buying candy (yes, we grocery shop just for candy), Pops successfully convinces a cashier into giving us Tab for 4/$14 instead of 4/$16.

3. We then proceed to buy all of Smith's cases of Tab.  And when I say "all," I mean all.

4. At Chevron where we go for Diet Coke (because fountain Diet Coke and canned Tab are two entirely different, but still awesome, drinks), my Dad reminds me that if there's anything he wants to teach me in this life, it's that you should always sip down your Diet Coke and then refill to the lid before paying.

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