Friday, December 11, 2009

The bane of my existence: Responsible friends

Does anyone else have a problem with thinking of a really fun, really awesome idea, and then ... it dies because you can't convince anyone else of its inherent awesomeness? 

I really wanted to go on a sweet vacation before I started work in January.  It was perfect timing.  Unfortunately, none of my friends were similarly inclined.  Theoretically I could do Hawaii alone (wouldn't want to, but could), but India?  Croatia?  Brazil?  Alone? 

Lame.  And the murder potential is high.  (And when I say "murder," I mean "accidental death due to my own stupidity," but murder sounds scarier.) 

So, the super awesome vacation was post-poned for one year, in hopes that in the next twelve months my friends and/or family will get it together and want to come along.

And if they don't, then they can all suck it.  Because one way or another, this time next year, my passport will have been used at least a single time.  Maybe I'll need to hire some friends (already did it before when I joined a sorority - zing!), but it will happen. 

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  1. I'm digging the latest blog theme. It reminds of a time long ago when I used to blog.

    Anyways, from a personal experience, it doesn't hurt to travel alone. As depending on people can sometimes be a let down. Friends and family all have their own plans, you can either choose to wait to be part of their plans, or just grab your bags and hit the road, that might just what your friends/family need to leave what they are doing and decide to join the fun!