Sunday, September 13, 2009

Snuggle bunnies

Well, church was fun today. The Sunday School lesson was on the importance of marriage (Mwah???? I've never heard this before!) and I witnessed some of the most egregious PDA I've ever seen in church. Couple after couple seemed to be announcing, Hey, look at us! On the path to celestial marriage here!!! At one point, after watching a girl scratch her boyfriend's head for ten minutes, my friend Sara leaned over and whispered, "Is your scalp starting to itch now, too?" And it sure was.

On the plus side, I learned a valuable tip about my future relationships:

  • Much like serving with a companion on a mission, your future spouse can determine how successful your life turns out. Lesson: Don't marry a loser.

Next Sunday: Taking a personal day.


  1. At least it's not two guys snuggling up? Nothing more uncomfortable than an Elder's Quorum Back Rub.


  2. Yeah, back scratching has GOT to be one of my biggest annoyances with singles wards. It's just not the time or place for that kind of comfort contact.

  3. Be sure and sit up front next time. Oh and take an anti-nausia medication first.

    Liked that you tried putting Nikki in her place today btw. She's cookoo for coa coa puffs that one!