Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lost patience

My new favorite quotes from those who oppose healthcare reform in all its shapes, forms, and sizes (with commentary):

  • I think of it is handing [them] life on a silver platter! I work for that silver platter. (From a college student, whom to the best of my knowledge does not actually have a job. Also, what exactly is this "silver platter" he speaks of? I want that healthcare.)
  • The liberal coverage is to take from the people who have and give to the people who don't. (For the record, I don't think the uninsured would really want my Humana coverage plan, but as it's not doing me much good, they're welcome to share.)
  • This isn't a Nation under the law of Consecration, regardless of what President Obama wants. (To clear up for all the non-Mo-Mo readers out there, the law of consecration is the Mormon version of Communism that Joseph Smith tried to institute, and conservative Mormons try to pretend never happened. Also, Joseph Smith said that if people did ever manage to make the law of consecration work, we'd be blessed more than we could imagine. So apparently to this person, President Obama is a bad guy for doing what the founder of Mormonism wanted.)

In case it isn't obvious, I'm pro healthcare reform. I don't feel like this is a radical or particularly uber-liberal proposition. I feel like this is a very middle-of-the-road position that all but the most extreme right-wing wackos oppose.

The current state of healthcare in America is abysmal. Too many uninsured Americans. Too many Americans with subpar plans (including myself). Too many people locked out from insurance they could otherwise afford because of pre-existing conditions (including my dad).

Why is it that the country with the best medicine in the world doesn't have the best health care in the world?

Do conservatives really not believe that this country is BETTER than that? Because that's what it sounds like to me, when Fox News insists on calling the public option the "government option," (Why aren't we calling public schools government schools and public libraries government libraries? When did conservatives start hating the public?) and Karl Rove tells Republicans that their goal should not be helping reform healthcare, or proposing alternative plans, but DESTROYING health care reform.

That, to me, sounds like you just don't think the people of this country are brave enough, smart enough, resilient enough to friggin revamp healthcare when we WERE brave enough, smart enough and resilient enough to defeat the Nazis and land on the moon.

Ronald Reagan had a joke that the scariest words in the English language are "I'm from the government, and I'm here to save you." Well, suck it, Ronald Reagan. The government is not an elusive entity out in the universe somewhere. The government is "we the people." The government is George Washington going home to Virginia when he could have been king. The government is Congress giving women the vote because it was right, and not because there was anything in it to gain. The government is the Supreme Court desegregating schools and the National Guard enforcing that decision.

Is our government perfect? No, but that's just because we aren't perfect. But the moments where America has really shined, it's only been because the individuals who made up America gave it their very best and most human effort.

I'm sorry that conservatives apparently don't have faith in "we the people" any more. But you know what? I'm sick of listening to you and your "sky is falling" attitudes. I've always tried to see both sides of a debate, tried to keep things civil, tried to find the compromise position.

But on the should-we-or-shouldn't-we debate?

Just shut up, you America hating dicks.


  1. The Republican Party has become a too-conservative, greed-mongering, out-of-touch gang of Nihilists.

    While I think that Mr. Obama erred in trying to pass the Health Care bill too quickly and without enough study and compromise, I think EVERYONE can agree that Health Care Reform is needed.

    I'm mostly just sick of hearing people root for him to fail.

    That, and bantying about the word "Socialist" like some kind of damning word. Hate to break it to everyone, but our Country IS socialist.

    We have:

    Public Schools
    Police Forces
    Fire Forces
    Social Security
    Post Office

    How is that not socialist?

    Anyway, I'm with you on this one RuthAnne. Why can't people just work together?!

  2. Oh dear.

    Do NOT get me started. I have so much rage about their rage that it's a dangerous cyclical rage-a-thon around here.