Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh no - oh nah nah nah nah. (Jessica Taylor, that one's for you.)

Ahem. The day wasn't over.

10:50 pm. Get in shower. Am assaulted by fire hose setting of shower head.

10:55 pm. Am reminded of why one should not wear contacts while showering in questionable hotel bathroom: You can see what's on the walls of said shower. Whimper.

10:55:30 pm. Try to remind myself that whoever left all those "special hairs" (as Chris would call them) on the walls of this shower at EYE LEVEL was at least probably having a very good time. So I salute you, Mr.-or-Ms.-Doesn't-Abide-By-Normal-Grooming-Standards.

10:56:00 pm. Finish washing shampoo out of hair and get the faaaaaaahck out of that shower.

10:57 pm. Grab folded towel off towel rack to wipe off my runny make up. Look at towel briefly. Think, "Huh. There's already mascara on this towel."

10:58 pm. Wonder what, exactly, the Hotel Arizona staff thinks those "Save our Planet - Reuse Towels!" post-its in the bathroom ought to mean. Throw all the towels on the floor, to be clear that I want BRAND NEW ONES tomorrow.

11:00 pm. NOW I'm going to bed.

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