Saturday, July 4, 2009

Little White

My brother Alpha raises chickens.  Two years ago, my dad gave him a bunch of chicks and a chicken coop for his birthday.  Since then, his flock has ranged in size from 3 - 17.

As of last week, Alpha was down to three roosters, one hen.  This is a problem not only because of significantly reduced egg production, but because roosters are a pain.  They fight, they crow all the time, they're just annoying.  And two years into the Great Chicken Experiment, my Uncle Dave finally mentioned to my parents that if you feed hens lay mash, you don't even need the roosters around for egg production.  Thus began the Great Get Rid Of The Roosters Debate between Alpha and my dad.

Anyway, my mom called down to Animal Control on Monday and found out that they had a chicken in need of a home.  "Hen or rooster?" she asked hesitantly.

"Definitely hen," came the emphatic reply.

So Alpha went down to Animal Control and adopted Little White.  She was named Little White for the obvious reasons (being that she's little, and white), all the other chickens are gold or black, and coincidentally, she joined the flock the same day SCOTUS decided Ricci.  (My dad and I started calling her "Whitey" for that very reason.)  

And all was well in the world.

Until yesterday.

When Little White crowed.

And then tried to get it on with the remaining hen.  

Roosters: 4; Hens: 1;  La Familia: 0.

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