Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ninety miles an hour to the county line

Official Bar Studying Day No. 10:

So after my mini-freak out yesterday, I decided to buckle down and try a new approach.  I made some flash cards.  I took another practice test.  I took a practice essay, which I now have to fax to Arizona for grading.  I watched 2 episodes of The Simpsons on my break instead of two episodes of Dexter.

Then I went to the gym and walked five miles on the treadmill while I listening to an iPod lecture about future interests and the rule against perpetuities.  Guh.  

And now I'm back at home, making more flashcards and planning to take another practice essay.  (Really should have read the rule about not being able to fax in two on one day more carefully ... but whatevs.  Other than that teeny mistake, I'm right on track.)  

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