Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mark Miller Toyota = Idiots

If you're planning to buy a car in the near future, steer clear.   :/


  1. I was planning on going there, but dont want problems! What happened?

  2. They just have really terrible customer service once you've bought the car. (FYI - the customer service was AMAZING while I was in the process of buying the car.)

    When I bought mine (brand new), I was told I had a warranty on the tires. Two months after buying it, a tire blew out in the middle of nowhere. When I finally got to somewhere I could replace it, I was told the "warranty" wasn't so much a warranty. (Long explanation I won't get into.) So I had to buy a brand new tire and get a real warranty.

    Then I lived in Phoenix over the summer, and had to run my air conditioning a lot, which made the air in the car stink like nobody's business. Couldn't figure out what was wrong, nobody could explain the problem.

    Took my 1-year-old car in for a oil change the other day, find out I don't have a cabin air filter. Called Mark Miller about this (oh yeah, they won't call you back either if you aren't interested in buying another car) and found out they consider the thing that lets you breathe clean air an "upgrade." Salesguy refuses to give me a $50 air filter, even though my car is still under warranty and the air is basically unbreathable in the summertime. He says he will knock off $10, but that's the best he can do "since I waited so long."

    The best part is the salesperson admitted he had the discretion to give me one, but just didn't feel like I deserved it. "We just feel like we can't give this to you." For reals. Then he accused me of being cheap - "Why do you think you should get something you haven't paid for?"

    Because I already gave you $16,000 for this car - that's why. Because I had to shell out $180 bucks for a new tire and a real warranty two months after buying it. Because up until now, I really liked your company, and was planning to buy my next car there as well. Because I'm going to tell every friend I have what dicks you guys are. That's why I feel like you should cut me some slack and just give me the effing air filter.

    On principle (given the tire thing, and that I have paid off a brand new car with these people) I told him I'd rather pay $100 to someone else for a cabin air filter than give their crummy dealership another red cent. And then he got REALLY argumentative with me, which was just the most awesome part of all.

    Sorry, still a little bitter ... :)