Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'll never forget the night I can't remember

Official Day of Bar Studying No. 12:

First time I woke up by 8 am!  Woohoo for me!

Finished real property.

Finished community property.  Delighted to realize that "community property" had very little to do with property, and lots to do with family law, which is easy stuff.  Not sure why I didn't realize that before, back when I was procrastinating the community property lecture.

Exercised.  (Man, this is a day of personal bests.)

Registered for Exam 4.  (And not on the last possible day, too!  Yay me!)

Got a letter from the Supreme Court of Arizona, saying they've received my certificate of graduation, and I can sit for the bar.  Woot!  (Well ... there is the whole character report I haven't finished ... but since I've been pushed back to January, I think I'll be ok letting that slide another week.)

Finished Con Law I AND Con Law II.

I think the phrase we're all looking for is "kicking ass and taking names."

Suck it, bar exam. 

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