Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Whenever you get too big for your britches (and no, I'm not talking about the tragic amount of weight I gained in college ... and added to in law school ... and then there was that cruise I went on ...), it's nice to know the universe will always be around to remind you that you're nothing special.

Like when you get your very last law school grade, and it's the worst you've ever gotten.  Yeah ... worse than Calculus in high school and worse than Organic Chemistry in college.  And this grade doesn't even appear next to a moderately difficult class -- no, it appears next to "Conflict Management," where we simulated mediations and talked about our feelings.  Damn you, feelings!

Or when you go to an electronics store, and the way the clerk is talking to you makes it clear that he thinks you haven't graduated high school yet, and maybe you should talk to your parents before committing to such a big expenditure?  

Or you play a round of Wii Fit, and realize that your ability to balance (that's right, just stand upright without moving) is apparently sub par.

Or someone offers you eight Lagoon tickets for the drumset you've been trying to sell on for the last five months.  

Or after spending two days cleaning out your apartment (with familial help, natch), your landlady shows up and STILL says things aren't clean enough, and why don't you just go down to Home Depot and just buy all new stovetop grease catchers if you want your deposit back?

They're all little things, and they don't really matter, but it all helps keep life in perspective, no?

So here's to you, universe, for keepin it real.  :)

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