Saturday, June 27, 2009

Apple Brown Peggy

Ongoing pet peeve list:
  • Claiming a recipe as "mine."
Now, a little bit of this is okay.  Everyone likes to take credit for their small moments of genius, such as substituting Cherry Coke for water in a pancake mix (mmmmm ...)  But no one, and I tell you no one, can claim ownership over standard recipes.  

Think Peggy from King of the Hill - she renames dinner "Spapeggy and Meatballs" because she changed (or thinks she changed) one unique ingredient.  Do you want to be Peggy Hill?  No!  So don't claim you're making YOUR world famous mashed potatoes, or baking a turkey with YOUR patented stuffing.  You may think it makes you sound like a culinary master, but really, if you're pretending to have invented the meatloaf, no one is buying into your expertise.  

And believe me, the rare individual who says this in passing is not who I am talking about.  It's the person who says it for an audience - at church, at a party, via Twitter, etc.  That person always seems to think we all care that she adds lemon juice or some nonsense to cream cheese frosting, as that makes her Bree Frigging Van De Camp.  "Oh, I only use fresh blueberries in my blueberry waffles - that's the secret!"  No, it's really not.  

Now, it's one thing to reference things like "Grandma's Cheesy Vegetable Soup" or "Theresa's Chili," because that conveys factual information - the person who taught or gave you the recipe. But if you're talking about "my frog eye salad," you better be referencing an actual bowl of it sitting out on a picnic table.

That being said, I will totally take credit for the orange-blueberry-strawberry bundt cake I helped my friend Chris make this afternoon.  :)

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