Tuesday, May 26, 2009


You know how sometimes you see a movie for the first time, and you have no one else to discuss it with because everyone you know saw it ages ago?

Me: So Full Metal Jacket, that was troubling.

Friend: Uh ... yeah.  In 1987.

I just barely got around to watching Fatal Attraction.  I knew what it was about, of course, due to its presence in popular culture and whatnot, but can I just say one thing?  I was actually quite sympathetic to poor Ms. Close.  Of course, she's a bit of a nutbag, but she has a point.  

If Michael Douglas had kept it in his pants, none of this would have happened.  

If Michael Douglas had attempted to buy her off when she discovered she was pregnant with his kid (like a normal sleazeball), things might have gone OK.  

But no.  

Throughout the film, M.D. expresses NO remorse at the fact that he has cheated on his loving wife, only regret that he was dumb enough to do it with a total loon.  Yet does he ever acknowledge his own culpability?  No.  Instead, he breaks into Glenn's apartment, repeatedly threatens her life and then slams her up against a wall when she pisses him off.   Newsflash, Michael: SHE'S NUTS!  Just call the cops already!  Reasoning with and/or threatening the chick who tried to kill herself on your second date is a POOR CHOICE!  

It's just so troubling that he doesn't seem to realize that HE is responsible for all the twists and turns of his awful life.  While no one deserves to have crazy calling them at 2 am, there were so many things Mikey could have done to try and rectify the situation ... 


And that's when Glenn's character lost my support.

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